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Why sports businesses should introduce AI to their digital strategies

Jodie Cormack - 28th July 2017 - 0 comments

Since 2016 businesses have significantly been investing in Artificial Intelligence. The primary reason for this is organisations have recognised the huge benefits and growth potential it provides. Through the implantation of AI, corporations will be acting in a more efficient manner, resulting in less guesswork and better customer engagement. Investment in the technology has significantly risen, it is expected that this will grow by around 300% according to Forrester.

Communicating with the target market

One of the main reasons businesses should implement Artificial Intelligence into your digital strategy is it allows you to communicate with your target market in a strategic manner. With AI guess work decreases, meaning that you will soon be able to predict everything about your followers, including viewing patterns, purchasing preferences, location and the average age of followers. Through the use of this information, you can develop the correct way to communicate with fans, followers and potential buyers, using the appropriate tone of voice to present your brand so that information is transferred in a successful way.


Many websites, companies including Snack Media, social media networks and sports bodies have introduced chat bots on to their pages. These allow you to achieve better customer service, support and develop solutions due to the accessibility to understand customer behaviour and patterns. These technology sources work by using human intelligence to interpret consumer questions and solve problems.

Many Chatbots use a list of pre-requisites phrases to get the conversation started. Operating selected words, the technology will then be able to predict the correct manner of voice to use, per individual customer to deal with their inquiry. Not only do Chatbots help the company to deal with problems, it will allow them to promote new work, articles and future innovations that work with the line of questioning.

Artificial Intelligence in the sports industry

One of the main business sectors that have implemented AI into their strategy is the sports industry. A range of sports teams and leagues including Football, NBA and the NFL have started using this innovation to track techniques, plays and player performances. To work alongside this technology, sports teams are getting players using wearable technology such as GPS system to monitor metrics and tags to track locations. Wearables can provide you with a range of player performance statistics. These can include heart rates, distance run, speed, acceleration pace, distance travelled and movement on the field.

With all the information coming in, AI is used to access the data and form insights into the game which wasn’t available before. These are helping coaches and managers produce training schedules which allow athletes to reach their peak performances or develop new plays which work with the team’s movements. It will also help managers when choosing their teams as it will be able to tell which players will work best together on the field. As technology develops and more money is invested, AI will become the next assistant coach to teams, with early adopters of the technology having a serious advantage over their rivals.

Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is being used and introduced by all social networking platforms. Many users will not recognise that their information is being used to develop tools, programs and strategies. One of the most innovative ways AI is used daily on Facebook is through facial recognition. This feature can be used by brands to increase their reach and engagement on campaigns.

Sports teams and other businesses can integrate this into their strategies and provide fans with opportunities to win prizes through the task of posting photos of themselves in geo-tagged specific places. Not only could this create high interaction and reach, it would also raise awareness for their campaign and help the brand stand out from their competition.

Another way AI is helping businesses on social media is real time engagement. With the new data and performance information, it will allow business to communicate with followers in a more impactful and effective way which offers encouragement and draws them into your campaign’s story.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses implement their digital strategies. Traditional social media needs to be kept up to date, this now means implementing this technology source into your strategy. Not only will this keep you competitive against your rivals it will allow you to gain an advantage with the potential to bring in significant returns as a result of communicating with your target market in a successful manner.

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