Snack Social Summary- Youtube’s 3 second video previews and 5 simple tips to improve your social media

Snack Social Summary- Youtube’s 3 second video previews and 5 simple tips to improve your social media

YouTube is testing 3-second video previews on the desktop, helping users choose whether a video is interesting and if they want to watch the content within. The feature is currently being tested for a small subset of users but more and more are starting to see the feature, therefore we can only assume that the 3-second animated teasers may be rolled out worldwide soon.

This week Snack Media looked at how businesses can grow their social media through 5 simple tips. When producing content organisations need to make sure it stands out from the crowd, this can be a challenging task. One way which helps build engagement is through the use of hashtags, commenting on topical trends, partnering up with other providers or even paid promotion to reach a wider audience. Another way to keep up to date and creative is to follow your competition. If see something you like, you could create your own version to help spread awareness of your own brand. Growing a corporation’s social following will mean a larger reach, more engagement and potential for new business.

German digital communication and marketing experts RESULT Sports, published their football club social media table this week. Using a combination of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Google + and YouTube, the table looks at their cumulative following and has ranked them accordingly. Unsurprisingly the top 3 teams on the list are the main clubs in Europe being Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

This year Wimbledon used a range of digital sources to communicate with followers throughout the tournament. They maintained constant updates on Facebook and Twitter, used Live-stream technology and produced the Wimbledon app which gave commentary, scores and fixtures providing for a great on demand application. The main developments and creatives came in the form of infographics, and behind the scenes photos. Some of the most engaging posts came as a result of fan content and the previews and roundups. Through the inclusion of fan content, Wimbledon interacted with their global audience and attracted more viewers to watch the live footage.

All four days from the PGA Championship will be broadcasted live on the BBC after they swooped in after Sky failed to secure the rights. In this shock move, they have signed a multi-year agreement over their rivals. Over recent years, Sky has been dominating and this has led to a dwindling sports reporting on the BBC network. The coverage from Quail Hollow Club in North Carolina in the PGA Championship will see a rise in golf footage on the platform helping the BBC remain competitive in the sports broadcasting field.




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