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Snack Social Summary-Snap introduces Spectacles and using AI in your digital strategy

Jodie Cormack - 28th July 2017 - 0 comments

Snap’s introduction of Spectacles has brought great innovation to the market. Previously the campaign meant the launch to retail was through vending machines that popped up in cities all around the world. This also included online sales. Now, Snap has chosen to set up pop-up shops inside one of the United Kingdoms most iconic stores, Harrods, in London. This is the first time you can purchase the technology outside of a vending machine, showing that Snap is implementing a new retail approach.

In Snack Media’s blog post this week we looked at how important it is to introduce Artificial Intelligence into your digital strategy. Organisations have recognised the huge benefits and growth potential it provides. AI allows corporations to act in a more efficient manner, resulting in less guesswork and better customer engagement. As a result, businesses can develop solutions due to the accessibility in understanding customer behaviour patterns and the correct tone of the voice to use when communicating with them.

Facebook has released a range of new features and improvements for their Live 360 videos. The first elements in which has seen significant development is stabilisation. If your hands start shaking, Facebook will now automatically steady your Live 360 video once you start sharing content. Other developments include scheduling alerts letting followers know about upcoming live streams and you can even add a donate button to your videos.

WhatsApp released a set of milestones this week, these included daily active users of 1 Billion, 55 Billion messages sent per day, 4.5 Billion photos shared per day and the app now supporting 60 languages. WhatsApp is committed more than ever to bringing new features and improvements to its software, tieing-in with the introduction of stories. WhatsApp aims to offer a dependable and secure app and is working continuously to provide this to their users.


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