Super Bowl 50 on Twitter and Snapchat

Super Bowl 50 on Twitter and Snapchat

After all the hype and the build-up, on Sunday night it finally arrived: the 50th Super Bowl, the event of the year in the US and one of the biggest in the world with more than 150 million watchers worldwide.

Evidently, following an important social activation on Twitter, the #SB50 was also played out on social media generating 27 million tweets across the world.

Here’s how social users, especially on Twitter and Snapchat, reacted to the fixture of the year.

An event tweeted like never before

A year, months, weeks, hours, minutes… millions of people had been counting down to kick-off.

After four quarters, one show by Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, $5 million per ad and more than 1 billion chicken wings eaten, Denver Broncos won their third Super Bowl and are in paradise. On the losing side, Carolina Panthers took it well and acknowledged the champions.

Other athletes were also following the event. Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement on Twitter during the game, getting more than 200k retweets, while NBA superstar Stephen Curry, great Panthers fan, was a good loser who took the result with a pinch of humour.

Brands also took the lead on Twitter to share their best content, starting with Pepsi, Halftime Show Owner, who apparently felt very proud of their achievement. Happily, Kia Motors was there to calm them down a bit.

Doritos, the second most mentioned brand during the game, had already get its Broncos packet ready to celebrate the champs!

Finally, the most mentioned brand overall is…Esurance. Yes, an online insurance as top brand during the Super Bowl on social media. How? Esurance gave away $1 million to users tweeting the hashtag #Esurancesweepstakes during the game. Not exactly creative but you can’t argue with 835,000 tweets!

Of course, when millions of social users are following an event, a couple of them can’t help trolling and joking. Check out below the best content off the wall.

Snapchat sees double

Of course, Twitter is the best platform for commenting on this kind of event. But once again, Snapchat is here to unveil not one, but two stories. A first for the platform.

One from fans at the stadium, starting with US President Barack Obama himself from the White House to kick the story off.

One from different places worldwide including Mexico, Denver, Carolina, Paris, US military base in Afghanistan… and more to share people’s enthusiasm across the world.