Snack Social Summary-WhatsApp amazing figures, Super Bowl emojis, and a live score geofilter at NBA games

Snack Social Summary-WhatsApp amazing figures, Super Bowl emojis, and a live score geofilter at NBA games

1 in 7 people use WhatsApp

WhatsApp has officially become the second platform to reach 1 billion monthly users, after its owner Facebook.

On the back of the achievement, the company has encouraged users to do even more messaging.

“Every day, our team continues to work to improve WhatsApp’s speed, reliability, security and simplicity. But now, it’s back to work – because we still have another 6 billion people to get on WhatsApp, and a long way left to go” the company said in a post.

This comes as WhatsApp unveiled other figures including people sending 42 billion messages sent per day on the app, sharing 1.6 billion photos per day and a whopping 1 billion groups created.


A collection of brand emojis dedicated to Super Bowl 50

Since October, Twitter has launched 14 brand emojis including Coca-Cola and Starbucks. This week, three new brand emojis entered the game, all  created as part of a campaign for the Super Bowl.

Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser’s and Bud Light’s owner) have both spent around US$1 million to get their own custom emoji during the fixture period.

#PepsiHalftime for Pepsi will cover all the content around the half-time show and #BudLightParty by Bud Light will make light fun of the US election and will feature stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

Budweiser have even invested in responsible drinking practices sponsoring #GiveADamn to encourage drivers to don’t drive after drinking.

Twitter’s new welcome page and GIF feature!

Twitter is rolling out a collection of novelties to not only attract new users but to create more visual content.

First, the platform has announced that non-users can still see a timeline experience via a new welcome page on web and mobile showcasing the best tweets. These features, already available in the US and Japan, have been launched in 23 countries including  the UK, France and Germany.

Secondly, Twitter is testing a dedicated button to share GIF on mobile. GIFs are getting increasingly popular across social platforms, and are simple to share in some platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Twitter wants to see more GIFs on its timeline and a button, like one to take a photo or to create a poll, is the best way to get it. The feature has already appeared in some user accounts and should be extended for all shortly.

Emojis, polls, GIFs… soon no-one will tweet words!

A Live Score geofilter from Snapchat in fixtures

We’ve seen Snapchat launch dedicated stories for the Premier League, MLS, NBA and NFL games as well as El Clasico in Spain. But the ghost is aiming to roll out a new geofilter to share live scores.

Reported by TechCrunch, Snapchat has launched new Live Score geofilters at every NBA arena and some matches in the NFL. That means fans can send a snap featuring a score graphic, including the time and teams, on their photos and videos.

It is a great new way to encourage users to share in real-time what they are seeing, especially in sports. Facebook and Twitter – be very afraid!


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