Weekend Sport Wrap-Up 25/01/16

Weekend Sport Wrap-Up 25/01/16

Juve fans never forget

With Juve and Roma battling it out for the Serie A title in a two-horse race over the past few seasons, a fair bit of tension has built up between the sides from the old and new capitals of Italy.

That’s why a cheeky tweet from Roma’s Radja Nainggolan when Juve lost back in August has stayed firm in Bianconeri memories.

So when a Paulo Dybala goal downed the Giallorossi at Juventus Stadium on Sunday night, this Juventus fan delighted in taking his chance to give Nainggolan a taste of his own medicine…

The case of the broken glasses

The prize for the most entertaining game of the week in the Premier League couldn’t go to anyone other than Norwich and Liverpool, which got Jurgen Klopp so excited that he broke his glasses in a celebratory touchline melee.

Klopp has already become a cult hero for his variety of wisecracks and comedy facial expressions since coming to England, and sacrificing his specs in the name of celebrating has only increased the love for the German flying around on Twitter. Even Piers Morgan was handing out compliments:

A debut to remember for AJ Styles

Sunday played host to one of the biggest and downright craziest events in the WWE calendar, the Royal Rumble – the annual 30-man marathon held this year in Orlando.

Triple H may have come up trumps to win the event, but AJ Styles stole the show and sent Twitter into meltdown with quite the entrance…

The Dab moves towards world domination

The mysterious craze of the dab is slowly but surely taking over the world of sport.

Stevie G got in on the action:

And the crowd at the Aussie Open were treated to one too:

The dab wasn’t the only thing invading the Australian Open. A pretty hefty bird decided to drop in and plonked himself in the middle of the court.

And finally…
The Arizona Cardinals may not have made it to the historic 50th Super Bowl – the NFL side were knocked out in the Playoffs by the Panthers over the weekend – but their social media manager came up with one of the all-time great responses to the trolling they were inevitably going to be subjected to after losing. In the end, the club managed to troll the entire internet.