Twitter Reacts to March Madness

Twitter Reacts to March Madness

March Madness is a popular college basketball tournament that one can compare to the English FA Cup. Like the FA cup, the result is truly unpredictable. The outcome is so unforeseeable that billionaire Warren Buffet is willing to give out a $1 billion dollar prize for anyone who can choose a perfect bracket – a nearly impossible task.

Amongst all the madness Twitter erupts year after year with brilliant reactions to results and events throughout the tournament:

A major upset occurred when the No.1 seed Villanova was knocked out by 8th seed North Carolina State.  Villanova had a field goal percentage of 25.9%. A team with a field goal percentage of 30% or less has never progressed in the tournament, and the stat proved true.

Iowa State were knocked out by the 14th seed UAB Blazers. Although the score line reflected a close game with Iowa losing by 1, Iowa was expected to progress further this year. The tournament continued to display its unpredictable nature.

Like the FA Cup, the upsets are continuing throughout the tournament. 7th seed Wichita State knocked out local rival 2nd seed Kansas by 13 points. Kansas has always refused friendly games from their rivals Wichita State claiming that they had nothing to gain from the friendly but now a lesson in basketball from Wichita might be Kansas’s best chance of progressing next year.

However, it’s not all about the basketball. Here are some of the reactions to the results on the pitch that have gone viral over the last few days: