ESPN going social?

ESPN going social?

ESPN are now focusing on social media

Sports broadcasters are rarely known for their engagement with fans, with broadcasters tending to focus more on putting news and articles out on their social media channels. This means that there are never real avenues for consumers to reply and share opinions, something that it looks like ESPN are going to change in the near future with the integration of more social media-based activity for the fans.

This is good news for sports fans

As stated by the Senior Director of Digital Marketing at ESPN, Justin Hergianto:

“For sports fans, it’s about passion.”

This means that fans will finally have a way to interact with these seemingly untouchable corporations and will also allow the broadcasters to seem more ‘human’. In turn, this will allow a whole world of sports fans to become more connected through mainstream accounts on Twitter and Facebook etc, as ESPN would be governing the debates on their posts.

Other industries are becoming aware

It’s not just the sports sector that is taking more notice of social media now either, as healthcare is now seeing the benefits of a successful and unique social media base. They have found out that they get more engagement when their doctors and nurses speak, showing that they have used social media to analyse what works well and can now build upon it. This seems risky in certain cases though, as if advice is offered and a consumer takes it and encounters a problem then complaints and outrage could occur on a large scale. To handle this, they have come up with an inventive method to become closer to their customers. When a complaint has been made online, North Shore LIJ send the customer a phone number to call so that they can talk to a member of staff. This makes it a lot easier to resolve, and is something that could be carried into other industries too.