Determined to make content count, Snack Media’s CEO explains our rebrand (Part 2)

Determined to make content count, Snack Media’s CEO explains our rebrand (Part 2)

In a series of interviews, Niall Coen, Snack Media CEO, explains the purpose and reasoning behind the rebrand and tells readers why we’re putting the fan first. 

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1. Which core elements from the previous company values have been carried over? 

Niall: It’s a really simple answer. We’ve refined them and made them simpler. We’re always relentlessly pushing forwards, being commercial, innovative and fearless whilst doing so in a trusted way.

But now, our vision is to be recognised globally by advertisers, and publishers, as a media company of the highest integrity that owns and runs huge authentic communities of passionate fans. 

How do we do that? It’s actually really simple. We’re focusing on staying true to everything that we believe in, in so many different ways. We’ll stay loyal to those fans, and partners and we want to stay hungry in everything we do. 

We’ve got a saying in the business that scale is nothing without substance so it’s great to be big, but above all else we have to be authentic. 

Every month, over 42 million people come to our websites and that’s outside of our social reach of 28 million followers. Collectively, we’ve got 600 million views of our content across platforms, which is just a mind boggling number, but without honouring the fan, it means absolutely nothing. 

We want to give our all to our audience, clients and one another. We want everyone to know that they can count on us, that if we say something, we do it and we deliver on it. We’ve got clients, such as the NFL, that go back seven or eight years now. We’re one of their longest standing partners outside of the US, which is just a phenomenal achievement. 

It means so much to us as a business to know that we’ll never stop finding new ways of growing fan bases, or celebrating fans because passion never rests. Internally that means we’re always looking towards innovation to unlock new opportunities for us as a business and for our fans to consume and participate in content, events and ultimately, engage around sport. 


Because authenticity is everything , we’ve actually coined a playful phrase, Snacktivism, which means something to us internally and it guides the way that we think about things. 

It means that as a business, we want to collectively champion transparent, trustworthy media policies, to enforce the integrity of our audience and offer an alternative to promote positive change in the media industry. 

We’re aiming to do that in lots of different ways. The phrase is positive, productive, proud and playful, but it’s also humble and something that has always been there. 

It’s always been in our DNA to help the wider society and we’ve done lots for charities over the years, and will continue to do so. But we want to make sure that it can motivate us internally and gives the team something meaningful to say externally and to show our clients and investors that we as a business are making a difference beyond our immediate employees, shareholders and readers. I’m really proud about that step forward, and I think it will be a really interesting journey to watch.

In our 3rd and final interview, we look at the businesses response to COVID19 and how we have put Snacktivism and the new branding into practice. 

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