Snack Social Summary- Twitter unveils design changes for 2016 plus the Top 10 videos of 2015 on YouTube

Snack Social Summary- Twitter unveils design changes for 2016 plus the Top 10 videos of 2015 on YouTube

New photo layout, new emoji and new home page on Twitter

This week was marked by the introduction of a couple of new things on the blue bird platform.

First, a new timeline more immersive by uncropping photos and new album display.

Second, Twitter unveiled new emojis available now on desktop and soon on TweetDeck and mobile. These new emojis look so original and are slightly off the wall: unicorn, tacos… and one middle finger! Certainly useful for annoyed fans.

Want to discover more? All Twitter emojis are here:

Third, Twitter is testing a new homepage to give us the best in real-time experience. We had the opportunity to see this new look soon rolled out.

2015 on Facebook

In December, all social media platforms unveiled a review of the year. After Instagram last week, Facebook shared its most important moments of 2015.

However, when we saw this review, we can’t say that 2015 was a happy year. In the top 10 topics more commented in the world, 7 concern terrorist attacks, wars, gunfires or natural disasters.

Paris attacks in November and the civil war in Syria followed by a refugees movement, finishing second and third. The first one came from the US with President elections.

Top 10 videos on YouTube in 2015

Next, YouTube Rewind 2015!

YouTube unveiled the 10 videos which are more marked 2015. Music, advertising and humour lead the rankings.

Check out the top 3 below:

1- Silento- Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae) #WatchMeDanceOn.

Are you going still practise this dance in 2016?

2- Clash of Clans: Revenge

One of the best Super Bowl commercial last year featuring Liam Neeson

3- Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

The best 2015 joke comes from the YouTuber RomanAtwood with a “platic ball house”

Kim Kardashian has tweet of the week

After Kobe Bryant last week with his retirement announcement, Kim Kardashian sweeped Twitter this week with only two words: “SAINT WEST”

What is? Simply the name of the newcomer in the Kanye West and Kardashian family.

We can after all highlight the family’s emojis visual to join the tweet, so on trend!

Twitter in 2015

As Facebook and YouTube, Twitter unveiled its 2015 review. As Facebook, top trends of this year feel not good: #PrayForParis, #JeSuisCharlie, #RefugeeWelcome…

But some hilarious trends like #BlueAndBlack or #WhiteAndGold graced the platform. So what’s the color?

 Harry Styles leads the rankings with more than 740 000 retweets – the power of being a Directioner – eh?