Social media embraces #InternationalCoffeeDay

Social media embraces #InternationalCoffeeDay

Coffee, the magical elixir that turns millions of ordinary workers into the work-place powerhouses that we all know.

From getting you out of bed, to keeping you alert throughout the day. Money doesn’t make the world go around, it’s those magic black beans.

To celebrate the wonder that is coffee, social media has jumped on the International Coffee Day bandwagon. Here are how brands reacted to it:

From coffee makers:

To holiday companies:

Everyone from all corners of the internet is celebrating this important day in your calendar.

But it hasn’t all been so celebratory. Rivals of the caffeine-packed wonder have used today as a way to promote themselves.

Harmony soon returned to the coffee-sphere, with industry heavyweights Costa and Starbucks having their say

So there you have it. #InternationalCoffeeDay is in full flow so wherever you are, wherever you may be. Find yourself a cup of joe!