How social media has caught Rugby World Cup fever

How social media has caught Rugby World Cup fever

You probably love football. You probably say ‘I only played a bit of rugby at school’. But admit it, you’re absolutely loving the Rugby World Cup!

Rugby fever has truly swept the nation, with the English-held tournament allowing for everyone of all sports to become involved in the country’s second favourite game.

With social media on a constant rise, this wonderful competition is embracing all there is to love about online content. From colourful hashtags, to active sponsors, here are just some of the social highlights from the tournament so far:

As measured by Amobee, Heineken have been the top brand so far in the tournament. With the use of interactive videos and a host of famous names to accompany their coverage, Heineken are at the heart of this year’s competition.

It is not just @RugbyWorldCup that are doing a good job of engaging with their fans – sports and non-sports brands have also jumped on the bandwagon:

Twitter definitely embraced everything Rugby. With the official hashtag #RWC2015 trending daily and the hashflags in use for every fixture.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.53.48

Guinness have been tugging at our heart strings all tournament. This powerful advert has been widely commended for its message:

Fans have been enjoying the various rugby fan-zones around the country, with Instagram the home of comical pictures.

Rugby World Cup has been providing some fantastic and engaging content for all fans from its Twitter handle alone.

From visual stats for fans to enjoy

To popular rugby player beard’s Vines:

But what do fans get during the matches? Prepared imagery for all eventualities:

And don’t forget the official RWC live blog for a live running commentary of all games

rwc live blog

So there we go! Rugby has officially swept the nation and there has definitely been no better way to follow it than through the magic of social media.