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Snack Media Social Summary-Facebook attempting to launch “Facebook at Work” to compete with LinkedIn and Google Drive and the Lego Movie reacts to not being nominated for an Oscar?!

Mary Varney - 16th January 2015 - 0 comments

Google launches real-time translation app

The app can already translate spoken popular languages to written, however, it is somewhat delayed which can cause issues in various situations. This new feature will help to make conversations more fluid for those travelling abroad

Facebook trial ‘Facebook at Work’

Trials are underway into a website allowing employees to use Facebook in a work environment, as Facebook goes head-to-head with LinkedIn. It will use similar Facebook features such as groups, but within individual companies only.

Twitter plans to sell ads on other companies’ sites

Twitter wants to grow its audience of people who see their advert tweets, but don’t use Twitter. Plans have been unveiled that show Twitter are planning to sell ads within streams of other tweets on a variety of publishers’ websites and apps.

Lego Movie reacts to not being nominated for Oscar

After not being nominated for an Oscar, the director of the Lego Movie came out with this fantastic tweet which got over thirty thousand retweets.

Facebook partners with US Police

Facebook has joined forces with the US police in order to issue missing children alerts. The amber alerts will show a picture of the child, plus any further necessary information. The partnership comes from growing power of social media in missing person cases.

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