The Media Apprentice #1

The Media Apprentice #1


Name: Liam Mannion
Age: 18
Hometown: Cheam
Football Team: Manchester United
Favourite Band: 30 Seconds to Mars
Describe yourself in 3 words: Determined, enthusiastic, original

First Thoughts
As I was sat on the Northern Line train, I was both nervous and excited to start my first day at work with Snack Media. I didn’t know what to expect and so I looked forward to the challenge ahead of me which would hopefully put one foot into the door of the career I desire. Once I had left the train and arrived at the Snack Media HQ, everything seemed to fall into place immediately and I was eager to get started straightaway.


My Tasks
My first key task was looking at content to add to the European Festival Awards Live Blog. For a first task, this seemed like quite a big challenge although through training and assistance from co-workers, and my own knowledge, I quickly found my feet using the new software to complete the task.

The European Festival Awards incorporate a number of different festivals from around Europe for a variety of awards, ranging from Best Major Festival to Best Green/Eco-Friendly Festival. There are a lot of festivals up for many different nominations, meaning that I had to do a lot of research and make sure I was up to date with the social chatter.

I enjoy this task as I feel responsible for it and have taken a big liking towards searching for the data to input myself.

Highlight of the Week

My highlight of the week was when I visited Bucks New University for a discussion on the UK Festival awards happening on the 1st December.

It was interesting to see how people of different ages came together to help plan the content and methods of getting entertaining and exciting images and videos from the awards. Everyone in the discussion learnt how to use Vine effectively as well as how to use ScribbleLive, a program that not many of the students had heard of before.


My other highlight was hearing that, the company’s flagship website, had won Best Established Blog at the Football Blogging Awards, showing how much the company has achieved over time.


My Social Stat of the Week:

78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media

Source: @TomahawkNZ