Snack Media take ownership of the iconic IBWM website

Snack Media take ownership of the iconic IBWM website

SN&CK Media (Snack), the leading independent sports addressable audience business & content producer, has expanded their network of 375 sports websites by purchasing the critically acclaimed IBWM (In Bed With Maradona) website.

Snack, whose owned and operated sports sites already reach over 26 million fans on a monthly basis, looked to acquire IBWM as a part of their long-term strategy of creating a new stable of sites that will showcase the very best independent content creators within the market place; something that IBWM has a plethora of within its ranks.
IBWM founder, Jeff Livingstone, did an incredible job in building the website since its inception in 2010 where it created itself something of a cult following and its reputation saw himself being interviewed by major media networks across several continents – who all wanted his expert view on all types of football matters.

“Although this is the end of my journey with IBWM, I’m delighted to confirm that Diego will ride again. Bigger, better, faster and receiving the full attention he deserves. I’m passing the baton on to a new generation and I’m really excited to see where IBWM goes next.” Jeff Livingtstone

Snack Media will stay true to the style, tone and content themes that IBWM previously represented, a decision that Martin Crawford (Head of Content) undertook the moment they successfully acquired control of the platform:

“Taking over such an iconic website like IBWM, it is imperative that we look to maintain the content themes and features that made the site what it is. Our simple aim is to bring more of these features to life, with the addition of infographics and video – whilst looking to introduce some new features, a monthly podcast and bring in some brand ambassadors to act as figureheads for the brand. Jeff has done an incredible job in establishing what I firmly believe to be the finest football website of its generation and we at Snack Media are delighted to be the new owner of IBWM.” Martin Crawford

Snack kicked off this process by producing reviews for the fabled ‘100’ series – where IBWM would reflect on the performance of those players 21 and under that were expected to have a breakthrough year within world football in 2018.

The new IBWM editorial team has also identified and announced the next 100 players for 2019 on the website this morning. Snack Media will have further announcements on new developments for IBWM in early 2019.

You can visit the IBWM website here –