Snack Social Summary-Silence notifications and abusive tweets on Twitter plus uploading gifs on Facebook

Snack Social Summary-Silence notifications and abusive tweets on Twitter plus uploading gifs on Facebook

Twitter rolled out new tools this week which allows you silence notifications and abusive tweets. You can now mute notices from newly registered accounts, people you don’t follow and people who don’t follow you. Over the past few years, Twitter has been called out on numerous occasions to do more to deal with the abuse problem on the platform. From the recent updates, it is clear to see that the strategy has changed and they seem to be hiding the abuse rather than deleting the troll accounts, but it least it helps the victims quieten the individuals who are spreading hate and threats towards them.

Facebook is now allowing users to upload GIFs onto the site just like they would any other photo or video. The network site has slowly been introducing the ability to post GIFs over the past few months, starting with the option of posting a link from GIPHY, then they added a dedicated button in the comments section. Facebook states that they were always hesitant to allow them on the platform, fearing that they would lead to bad user experiences for people.

This week we looked at the commercial advantages of sponsoring the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 which starts on the 16th July. With organisations implementing high levels of investment into the sport to raise awareness and involvement in women’s football, more companies and brands are looking to sponsors teams and tournaments than ever before. With social media following dramatically rising for both players and teams, brands are getting more exposure than ever before.

LinkedIn has released new features and customisation options this week which allows users to mute and unmute specific notifications. Consumers now have more control allowing you to turn off updates, or limit who can see personal information like birthdays and articles published by connections. Everyone on the platform can change their settings on both the desktop and mobile app.

Snapchat announced its latest – and most notable – feature this week – Paperclips. This allows users to attach web links to Snaps by tapping on the vertical toolkit and selecting the paperclip icon. From here, friends can then swipe up to open the website in the built-in browser. Previously, this was only a feature available to paying advertisers. Now it is available to companies and content creators allowing followers to learn more about their ideas. To minimise risks, Snap has introduced a number of safety precautions so no harmful links are attached to the user’s system.