Digital – Snack Media 2016 Predictions

Digital – Snack Media 2016 Predictions

2015 was marked by the introduction of some great new practices in the social media and digital world including:

  • Live content provided by brands via mobile like Periscope and soon on Facebook
  • The Snapchat eruption, the social platform has became a social giant with more than 6 billion views per day.
  • The introduction of Virtual Reality in brand consumers experience… and more.

However, what will social and digital look like in 2016? The Snack Media team gives us their digital predictions.

Digital – an advertising issue is coming

Digital advertising, less is more

“The digital advertising landscape will continue to evolve as mobile comes further to the forefront and more spend flows through native channels. There will be a rush towards the ‘less is more’ equation at the premium end of the scale, with fewer ads on page in an attempt to improve viewability, push up the value of inventory and combat the rise of ad blocking. Cross-device will also become the norm, as desktop inventory availability is squeezed and large agency budgets are forced to be activity on mobile devices.”
Tom Jones, Head of Digital Operations

How will publishers react to adblocking growth?

“This year will become a bigger issue for small publishers because of adblocking. The number of users with adblock enabled has grown a lot during 2015. What will be interesting to see is how different publishers react to this change. We know already a few different responses. Bigger publishers with the resources to do so will possibly turn to sponsored content and native advertising. Some publishers will increase advertising to make up for the shortfall by trying to make more money from the users who don’t have adblocker installed. More publishers may decide to detect adblocker. Others may adopt a subscription based model so users have to pay for ad-free content.
Sam Burdge, Technical Director

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