Snack Social Summary-#SpeakBeautiful, product ads on Facebook, and TweetDeck teams

Snack Social Summary-#SpeakBeautiful, product ads on Facebook, and TweetDeck teams

Twitter and Dove have recently partnered in a campaign that is attempting to counteract women speaking negatively about themselves on social media. Dove has created a Twitter account that will be responding to women’s negative comments about themselves with the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful. The account will try and improve the self-esteem of Twitter users by commenting on negative posts with positive and motivating sayings.

Facebook has decided to smarten up in regards to Ads and have now announced Product Ads will be on the social media site. Businesses will now be able to create their own ad campaigns for users based on their interests and pages liked. They will also be able to post ads that advertise multiple products at a time.

  Twitter has just recently released a new update that creates Tweet Deck teams. This new feature enables accounts to have multiple users. The primary user would be the admin while the other contributors would have limited access in maintaining and using the account.  

In order to add hype and create further attention around the release of the new Hunger Games DVD, a secret code has been released to be cracked by fans in order to view deleted scenes. The open ad management company Sizmek, has created this online social media code that will give fans a participative way of engaging with the marketing of the DVD release.

   In recent weeks, EastEnders has been the most tweeted show on televison.  The show caused approximately 508,678 tweets when a character in the show hinted as to who the murderer might be and 519,359 tweets were tweeted when the murderer was revealed. The social media success has caused BBC to launch a 30 minute special at the end of the week to conclude what has been a series of special editions to a popular show.