Snack Media launches SEO campaign

Snack Media launches SEO campaign

Snack Media has secured a comprehensive SEO and link-building campaign with online insurance specialists

As part of the long-term project, Snack’s SEO specialists are delivering regular optimisation reports and recommendations, initiating web development, implementing SEO monitoring and undertaking a premium link-building campaign as part of a media buy.

The project represents a coming-together of Snack’s development and SEO teams, with the two having joined forces to create a new on-page insurance calculator, build new wireframes, optimise the existing on-page content and images, and write new page descriptions and meta tags based on thorough keyword research.

Snack’s editorial team has also been involved, advising on the improvements to the existing copy in addition to writing three new product pages.

Ben Holmes, who is co-ordinating the project, said he was looking forward to generating positive results for

“We’re providing an all-encompassing SEO package with the aim of propelling the client’s influence within the online insurance sector,” he explained.

“Our respective teams are confident about achieving some excellent results thanks to our combined efforts.”


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