What is content marketing and how can it benefit you?

What is content marketing and how can it benefit you?

Content marketing throws a wrench in the traditional art of selling a product. Instead of forcing the product in the face of the consumer, content marketing is a strategy that allows the consumer to find the information organically. Through article writing and creative copywriting, businesses are able to communicate with their audience without being too salesy. This strategy of providing information is called non-interruption marketing.

Why is this effective? Well, organisations that provide educational content will earn the trust of the consumer. If you consistently deliver valuable information, the consuming audience is more likely to reward you with their business.

Creating good content and eye-catching copy is essential for success. Every aspect of what the consumer is absorbing, even the titles, must relay the benefits of your products or services. The content should use methods that influence human behaviour – for example, social proofing articles, citing expert testimonials and providing research are all great ways to make the consumer trust the information you’re providing.

Once loyalty to the company is established, providing outlets for the consumer to be proactive with the information (requesting more information or sharing on social media) creates more opportunities for an audience to grow.

There are many metrics and tools that provide tangible evidence that content marketing is working. The most beneficial is through social media. Networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter let you see how people are engaging with a piece of content. This also allows you to gauge how the content is being received – the more it is shared, the larger your reach.

The conversion rate is also a great metric – it will count the number of people who downloaded any available content. This rate can also identify problems with your page or content piece. If you find it challenging communicating the value of your product, looking at the conversion rate can provide valuable solutions. The conversion rate is one of the truest indicators of your content’s success.

Another tool to gauge success is the inbound link. These provide a good idea of the value of your posts, based on the attention you receive from other websites. If a certain type of content has attracted many backlinks, you can be sure that the public favours this type of content. Information like this is valuable when determining future content strategies.

Optimising your content for search engines will allow your content to be viewed more widely. Using correct keywords so each of your articles is properly optimised for SEO can make a huge difference in the number viewers.