Article writing: why use a professional copywriting agency?

Article writing: why use a professional copywriting agency?

Article writing forms the core of Snack Media’s copywriting and content marketing operations. Our passion for words, breadth of knowledge and brand awareness skills allows us to consistently produce engaging, authoritative articles for clients across a range of sectors and industries.

Our team of professionally-trained journalists specialises in creating and telling stories. Creative-minded and armed with content marketing expertise, our copywriters will produce sparkling articles that are guaranteed to engage with a client’s target readership and deliver a return on investment.

We are able to devise an article writing strategy from scratch – our team of professional copywriters works with clients to understand their objectives, decide on a tone of voice and determine a delivery timeframe. Whether you require three 300-word news stories per day, a weekly 1,000-word feature or a regular 500-word blog, our journalistic approach will deliver the results you require.

Thanks to our journalists’ all-encompassing editorial background, we can guarantee truly authoritative articles. With experience across a range of sectors – from business and finance to sport and entertainment – it doesn’t matter whether you require daily news from the wood flooring industry or a weekly blog on online gaming. Chances are that if it exists, we’ve already written a story about it.

A passion for telling stories is what gets us out of bed in the mornings. This, coupled with well-honed research and analytical skills, and an ability to ensure content is optimised and on-brand, allows us to get truly stuck into a topic – no matter how niche or undiscovered. Indeed, the more specialised the topic, the keener we are to learn about something new and disseminate this knowledge to a wider audience.

All articles we write for clients are up-to-date and engaging. We understand the importance of relevant, regularly-updated content that carries weight and a sense of expertise – and the benefits in terms of search engine and directory rankings that this can bring. Having articles incorporated as part of your site doesn’t just bump you up the Google search results though – it makes your site more engaging and positions you as a figure of authority within your industry. At the very least, this will attract more visitors to your site – chances are that it will boost your company’s revenue, too.

Naturally, we don’t simply write articles for the sake of it. To ensure they’re read, they have to be noticed. To achieve this, we work closely with clients to develop keyword strategies based on their products or services. These key terms are included ‘organically’ in copy in line with search engine algorithms, which increases the likelihood of the copy being found more often.

If you’d like to learn more about article writing and how it can improve your website’s content, please get in touch and we’ll be able to discuss your requirements in more detail.