Print Media

Don’t believe the hype – copywriting for print media isn’t dying, let alone dead. Look a little closer and you’ll notice that copywriting for print is thriving – from the numerous newspapers and magazines lining newsagents’ shelves to the catalogues, posters and brochures you notice every day.

Copywriting for print media is a passion of ours. We appreciate paper’s tangible value as much as we do the words printed upon it. Combined, the positive effects can generate a fantastic return on investment – with our years of experience in newspaper and magazine journalism, this is something we’ve been a part of time and time again.

Not everything is electronic

Print media’s scope is exceptionally wide ranging – from newspapers and magazines to marketing literature and display advertising, and just about everything in between. Its breadth of coverage, and guaranteed impact, means that electronic doesn’t represent the threat that some would have you believe.

Print is something you can give to somebody – it has meaning. That something, though, needs to possess value – and that’s where our print media copywriters come in.

We can work on your print media copywriting campaign from the outset, consulting on variables such as print quality, volumes, distribution and design. There’s a lot to get right, which is why our print industry expertise will come in handy.

And then there are the words – our speciality. We insist on the highest standards in terms of spelling and grammar, are well versed in developing tone of voice and style guidelines and are journalistically-led in our approach. We also boast some of the most creative minds in the copywriting business – so if there’s one thing we can guarantee it’s sparkling, engaging and relevant copy.

Our passion for the written word is complemented by our copywriters’ professionalism in terms of brand awareness, strategic outlook and unrivalled attention to detail. It’s a winning combination, and one that adds weight and credibility to any print media project.

Print media – not just newspapers and magazines

Granted, newspapers and magazines are the bastions of the print media industry – but they certainly aren’t the be all and end all. Whether it’s a brochure for shiny new student accommodation, the manual for a vacuum cleaner, the copy on the side of a packet of breakfast cereal or the script for a film, our experience, unrivalled attention to detail and creativity means we’re the first choice for print media copywriting.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, please contact us for further information.