Snack Social Summary #138

Snack Social Summary #138

Last season the Cub’s became World Series Champions, as a founding member of Major League Baseball’s National League, the Chicago Cubs are steeped in tradition. Over many years the team had not won a world series, but since 2012 form has been developing.  To build more fan interaction the baseball club ran numerous campaigns such as ‘Party of the Century to celebrate 100 years of Wrigley Field and Flying the W flag. Both campaigns were hugely successful and put the Chicago back on the map as one of the best baseball towns in America.

With a range of platforms which are now streaming football games, broadcasters are feeling the effects of dropping viewer figures. As a result, when the Premier League comes to negotiate prices with broadcasters for the next TV rights cycle, a new range of deals could be put into place. It has already been stated that the Premier League’s ‘big six’ clubs are seeking a bigger slice of the money that comes from overseas broadcasters on the basis that their clubs are the biggest draw to viewers outside of the UK.

Skype launched a revamped version of the application. This has been an ongoing project over the past year, with this representing the biggest change to the platform since 2006. This update has clearly taken inspiration from other messaging rivals like Messenger and Snapchat. New features which are now provided as part of the update include highlight stories, as well as camera functions which are only a swipe away from the news feed and your chats.

Snack Media wrote an article on the importance of including Snapchat and Live-streams in your marketing strategy. With real-time content and augmented ads and filters, brands and sponsors are reaching new audiences. Live-streams are helping businesses form relationships with consumers. Through access to behind the scenes footage, potential clients view these as more authentic and personable, leading to more brand awareness, higher audience reach and greater overall returns.

A few months ago Facebook released reactions in Messenger, this week it has been released that 1.2 billion users have sent each other over 2 billion reactions on the platform. Reactions are now available on posts, comments and messenger and have taken over the way users communicate and conduct sentiment analysis on the platform. Many were expecting an unlike button, but these new features have been a positive new development on the platform.