What’s your view on the upcoming bidding war for Premier League rights?

What’s your view on the upcoming bidding war for Premier League rights?
Premier League rights

Roll up, Roll up.. with The Premier League inviting bids to be submitted between 8am and 10am today… what are your predictions? Here’s mine

  1. Amazon & Facebook, possibly twitter WILL enter the fray (no surprise there but a lot of the commentary about them is set to increase competitive tension). However, I believe they will only target highlights / near live footage. 
  2. It will be interesting to see if their bids are successful…..as I think they will be conservative – for the purpose of this exercise, I predict they will think there are enough packages to go around with Sky & BT being selective and picking their battles wisely. This opens the door up for reasonable/realistic offers to win. Both FB and Amazon have different models and pros and cons for the fans. As a result, there will be a respectable but modest increase in the value of the rights. It will go to a second round. 
  3. This won’t be the ‘Armageddon’ moment for Sky and BT as they will get what they want but it WILL be a watershed moment in sport and the ‘beginning of the end’ of the model as we know it and the start of some incredible changes in how a sport is consumed and monetized. In particular breaking down barriers between the advertiser/sponsor, broadcaster and fan with a direct purchasing funnel between the two…. just seen Harry Kane score his 100th Premier League goal? Click to buy his limited edition boots now. Just run out of Pringles and beer at half time … ‘Alexa please deliver’

What do you think?

Rupert Pratt is Co-Founder of Snack-Gaming.com and consultant to Snack-Media