Snack Summary- Exploring the Better Ads Standards and UEFA looks to grow engagement

Snack Summary- Exploring the Better Ads Standards and UEFA looks to grow engagement

Interaction on social media has become a deciding factor in the public image of sports teams. It is all about reminding the fans of the brand on a regular basis and getting them feeling involved with the team. MLB team, the Chicago Cubs, are keeping followers engaged with contests to give the players humorous superlatives.

In the wide and continuously growing market for media, UEFA, a footballing body, is looking outside traditional platforms to bring the Champions League to the world. The point of selecting new and different platforms is to encourage more viewership and interaction by making turning on a match a conscious choice rather than something you just put on in the background, so the fans are engaged.

In an age of new media, the Coalition for Better Ads Standards is working to develop new standards for advertising to fight the rise of ad blockers which are hurting the revenue stream for publishers. The coalition is working to keep ads to standards that make blockers unnecessary. 

Despite the rising popularity of women’s sports, the sponsorships still are not there for the teams. In the last 3 years viewership of women’s sports has risen to more than double what it was before and in 2018 it is riding especially high, yet sponsors still refuse to invest in the growing opportunities. The industry needs to adjust its metrics to measure success with the difference of dynamic when it comes to women’s sports.

The MLS was rocked last week when David Beckham announced that he would be backing the newest club based out of Miami. This could have major implications for the football climate in America as he brings his prestige from English football and attracts a more global fan base.


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