Top tips for managing multiple clients at once

Top tips for managing multiple clients at once

One of the most difficult parts of life in an agency is the balancing act of spinning multiple client plates at once. Often clients want the world, and they all want it at the same time. There are of course only limited hours in the day, though, so it’s worth thinking about some strategies to make sure you are staying on top of everything and, most importantly, that the clients stay happy!

Check out the following and hopefully, you might find it eases some of the stress involved with managing multiple clients at once.

Plan out your time at the start of the day

When you get into the office in the morning, a sensible way to spend the first 5 minutes is working out how you will divide up your time that day. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is the old saying, but it really is true here. A few minutes of planning at the beginning of the day can save you a lot at the end of the day and will mean that you don’t have to spend time scrabbling around last-minute to make sure you’ve got everything done.

Keep them up to date

There’s no doubt that communication is one of the most important things to maintain in client management. A quick update takes no time to write and send to the client but it has a big impact in terms of what it makes the client feel: they know that you are keeping them in mind and looking after their interests. Nobody likes uncertainty, and a little email helps stave this off and ensure they’re anticipating new developments to come.

Give little ‘gifts’ to each of your clients

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you fork out to buy each of your clients a physical gift – although that probably wouldn’t hurt! Something that can be a real morale boost for clients who you may not have had time to service as much as you’d ordinarily like to is a small ‘bonus’: if you go the extra mile to deliver something extra that they weren’t expecting – even if it’s something small – for each of your many clients, it tends to be very much appreciated and make them feel well looked after. You could, for example, provide them with one more social media graphic than they were expecting, an offer to help out with something they had been having problems with or put in a decisive extra 10 minutes on a project.