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Snack Social Summary-Snooker’s Olympic Programme, Gambling in Football

Jodie Cormack - 13th October 2017 - 0 comments

Snooker has had a long-term goal of securing a place on the Olympic Programme, and to help achieve this target The World Snooker Federation (WSF) has been launched. The aim of the organisation is to help form part of an international structure for the sport. Based out of Lausanne, The WSF joins the WPBSA and the World Confederation of Billiards Sport, which is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Snooker is a much-loved game all around the world and many are now viewing the sport as a potential Olympic fixture in the near future.

Betting companies in the UK are currently experiencing unprecedented exposure. Gambling organisations are attracted to football because not only does it have the ability to give a brand significant exposure and raise awareness substantially but it also has the power to make a brand credible and desirable with fans. With the rise of gambling in football, questions over ethics have begun to be asked, with the Labour Party pledging to outlaw gambling advertising in Football. This would cause substantial problems due to over 50% of Premier League Club shirt sponsors being betting organisations.

Digital Sport has this month released the first of their official monthly podcasts with the London Sporting Club in which Club Chairman Ian Stafford invites a variety of well-known sporting stars to talk about their sport, business and industry issues. In this week’s first episode, some of the biggest names in entertainment and sport including Sir Steve Redgrave and Ronan Keating talk to Ian Stafford at the LSC Golf day. The short-format interviews provide listeners with insight and entertainment. Listen to the Podcast for yourself here.

Flipboard has released plans to focus on mobile. In two new announcements, the platform announced it is changing the way it works with online publishers. The first main change is that you no longer need to work with and have an account on Flipboard to get your articles into the app. There is now a new self-serve signup option which allows Flipboard to pull stories from publishers’ RSS feed. Secondly, instead of converting all files to the app format, now the organisation plans to focus and integrate onto the mobile web.

One of the most difficult parts of working in an agency is the balancing act of managing multiple clients at once. It’s important to set yourself out with a strategy to help stay on top of everything and, most importantly, keep the clients happy! Some top tips to help ease some stress include planning your time at the start of the day, keeping your clients up to date with all action taken throughout the week and going the extra mile to deliver something extra – this can provide a real morale boost for clients.

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