Football League World’s leading EFL coverage continues as they take on transfer chaos head on

Football League World’s leading EFL coverage continues as they take on transfer chaos head on

Whilst pre-season has begun for professional football clubs up and down the country after a few weeks off, covering the sport goes into overdrive at this time of year.

Naturally, with no games to consume you’d think there’d be a lull in coverage too but, on the contrary, it’s at this time of year those writing about this sport have just as much on workload wise.

The thirst for transfer rumours and the quest to discover which players a club might or might not sign ramps up several notches and, therefore, the demand for stories covering this most hectic and unpredictable time of year goes through the roof simultaneously.

In a saturated market, the need to stand out only increases further in this period as well – anyone can cover a transfer story, it’s those that break them that really get noticed.

At we’re fortunate enough already to be one of the leading football websites in our space, that being in exclusive EFL coverage.

Fans outside of the Premier League are no less demanding that their football clubs announce ‘so and so’ one after the other, so being able to cater for that need is something at FLW we’ve sought to do more than ever this summer.

Having already produced well over 200 exclusive interviews and news pieces this calendar year, we looked to use our contacts within the three tiers we cover to delve into the transfer chaos and provide our readers with even more EFL insight than we already do.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve broke news concerning on clubs from West Brom to Stevenage, Bristol City to Bradford, aiming to give the whole of the EFL the attention it rightly deserves.

With a few weeks left in the transfer window, there’s still plenty of time for more transfer deals to be done and we’ll be keeping across it all at Football League World before another exciting EFL campaign kicks off.

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George Dagless is Deputy Editor of Football League World.

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