Snack at London Affiliate Conference 2016

Snack at London Affiliate Conference 2016

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th February saw the Olympia National in Kensington transformed with stands from all the big players in the gaming world vying for the attention of potential affiliates, and the Snack Media team were there with Europartners making a big splash.


The London Affiliate Conference plays host to over 4,000 delegates and it’s probably fair to say that most were intrigued by the Pool’N’Ball competition running on the Europartners stand.



Think pool, think football, imagine a cross between the two and you’re pretty much there! The challenge was to pot a ball in all 6 pockets in under 90 seconds – not as easy as it sounds. In fact, a second or even third go proved too tempting to resist for many of the affiliates circling around the venue.

Those who managed to sink all 6 balls in the quickest times were invited back for a crunch final. This time the aim of the game was to beat the opponent in a full match of pool.

A fashionably late stage entrance from one of our finalists in the second day’s final had the crowd hyped for the big match, and the tension was high at the beginning with the crucial black ball nearly heading into the pocket within the first minute. This crowd was fantastic exposure for the Europartners stand.




Drawing an even larger crowd on the day was John Barnes, TitanBet official brand ambassador. The fans who gathered were all ears for a live Q&A with the Liverpool and England legend, and they were even treated to a revival of John’s rapping talents!

After his performance on the mic, John posed for photos with the public around the hashtag photography booth.

Hashtag Photography was a great way of giving potential customers a memento to remember the stand – especially as it was fully branded with Europartners.



The overriding memory we took from the LAC this year is the beaming faces and mobile phones held up to capture the moment of friends trying their hand at Pool’n’Ball and John Barnes’ rap.

Russell Yershon, Head of UK Sportsbook for Titan Bet, said: “As a key member of Europartners, the delivery from Snack Media enabled a lively, vibrant and interactive experience for Affiliates. With the Pool’N’Ball competition along with John Barnes’ presence on Friday, this delivered a good atmosphere on the stand.”

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