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“And with you”. Brands tackle the Star Wars sensation

Matt Tewhatu - 18th December 2015 - 0 comments

With Star Wars, The Force Awakens being one of the most anticipated films off all times, brands have unsurprisingly been quick to jump on the mammoth marketing wave that has had Star Wars fans literally chomping at the bit. In a change from the usual “bandwagon jumping” from brands, music artists, television broadcasters and even prestigious universities have delved into the film and the series.

With such an incredible amount of content, here are the best…

Pop artist and DJ David Guetta couldn’t hold his love for the films in as he tweeted this very well done graphic of the film poster with the characters replaced with some very well known DJs. Hats off to you David.

In typically dry humour, Sky News weren’t going to be missing out on the popularity of Star Wars, releasing this ‘official’ faux census report.

But they weren’t going to be outdone with another official broadcaster going bonkers over Star Wars. This weather presenter got particularly carried away with her Star Wars puns. A reasonably impressive punny session.

What is a fad without a beer brand getting in on it? And while Star Wars isn’t probably the most pun friendly topic for a beer brand, Carlsberg did what they do pretty well with this graphic. Looks pretty tasty to me but tastier than Star Wars? The crowd’s still out on that one. A special shout-out to the lucky marketing employee who would have got the chance to do the lightsaber sound effects.

Dominoes channeled a little bit of the Force, or the Sauce as they like to put it with their play on words making for a very well done ad. Maybe if you look really closely you might be able to see some fishing line…

Now this is a definite change in the typical fad but the Force seemingly knows no boundaries. Cambridge University chipped in with their learned opinion on the science from Star Wars.

However it’s this gem that wins the internet when it comes to Star Wars advertising. No official credit can be given to any particular entity as it’s an image that has just ‘magically’ appeared on the internet. Whether it was L’Oreal Paris that actually commissioned the image or not, they’ll certainly be thankful for the exposure.

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