Snack Media online marketing campaign boosts Elemonator’s profile

Snack Media online marketing campaign boosts Elemonator’s profile

Snack Media’s efforts in publicising an innovative flash game has resulted in the title climbing towards the top of’s Advergames Chart.

EmptyLemon’s Elemonator, which allows gamers to assume the role of a young IT professional battling against the false promises of recruitment agents, has climbed to fourth in’s Advergames Chart.

Snack Media has worked alongside EmptyLemon, an IT jobs board, to devise the Elemonator’s online marketing campaign, with the title having attracted over half a million hits since its release at the beginning of March.

In the past seven days alone, the Elemonator has received more than 21,000 visitors, which amounts to approximately 3,000 visitors per day.

The game’s hero is armed with a box of lemon grenades, which can be thrown at the crooked consultants en route to securing that dream position in the IT sector.

Andrew Kelly, EmptyLemon’s development manager, said the game’s objective is to take a light-hearted approach at an often frustrating situation.

“IT jobseekers often get swamped with calls from recruiters, especially after submitting their CVs to certain jobsites with agencies, so the game is allowing them to get their own back,” he commented.

In addition to trialing the game in the development stage, Snack Media’s editorial and marketing teams have been busy writing and publishing copy across a range of platforms, which has gone some way to boosting the Elemonator’s profile.

Sample the power of the Elemonator’s grenades by playing the game for yourself.


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