Content & Native Units


Engaging content goes beyond long form editorial for today’s fast paced sports fan. Real fan engagement is about creating scalable content that entertains and informs fans, as and when they need it.



Editorial Articles

Editorial Articles
Video Player Unit

Video Player Unit
& Video Content
Up Down Vote

Up/Down Voting Articles
Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Unit
News Ticker

News/ Brand Ticker
& Breaking News
Fan Polls and Opinions

Fan Polls & Opinionator

Comment Box
User Messages
Interactive Quiz Features

Interactive Quiz Features
Headline Generator

Headline Generator
Sidebar Sign up Windows

Side bar Units
and Sign up Windows
Real Time Match Blog Feeds

Real-Time Match
Blog Feeds
Live Match Centre

Live Match Centre
(Opta Powered)

 Snack Media has created a number of ownable editorial and native content options for our advertisers and sponsors to communicate their message to our users.

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