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Ad Operations Executive

Harriet Lewis - 15th December 2021 - 0 comments

Job Description

The Ad Operations Executive employee is responsible for vendor and campaign management and assisting in the running of commercial operations for the Snack Media network of 400+ properties.

They ensure the sites are optimised for revenue generation through optimising placements and maintain strong relations with agencies, brands, key programmatic partners and specialist vendors, trafficking campaigns for all.

Key Responsibilities / Skills

  • 3-5 years’ experience in digital advertising on the publisher side
  • Being able to lean on and develop strong client relationships across the programmatic landscape
  • Responsible for optimising network inventory across different partners to ensure revenue growth
  • Responsible for creating, optimisation of and reporting on all programmatic activity, both direct and non-direct
  • Responsible for outlining campaign performance, analysis of data and making recommendations for each deal
  • Troubleshoot 3rd party tags and other creatives
  • Create and maintain a detailed partner overview with monthly reviews of progress with senior management
  • To work collaboratively with all departments of the business including Sales, Business Development, Editorial, Publisher Support, Social & Accounts
  • Knowledge of the industry and recommendations on revenue generation going forward

How to Apply

  • Email
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Harriet Lewis

Harriet is a project manager at Snack Media.

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