Snack Media champions women’s sport with GiveMeSport Women relaunch and hires

Snack Media champions women’s sport with GiveMeSport Women relaunch and hires

Snack Media is delighted to announce that today, on International Women’s Day, it has officially relaunched GiveMeSport Women.

Snack Media acquired GiveMeSport back in May 2020 and has restructured the team, optimised the website, and most importantly, put the brand in the strong position moving forward.

Now, after months of planning, Snack Media is able to take the next step in GiveMeSport’s evolution, building on the amazing foundation the previous GiveMeSport Women Editor, Benny Bonsu, and her team put in place. The aim will be to build on that brilliant work while taking the brand to the next level.

Heading up the brand moving forward will be Nancy Gillen, the new Editor. Nancy brings with her a wealth of experience, key skills, and industry connections that Snack Media identified as crucial to enhancing the brand. Speaking about the relaunch and on the exciting months ahead, she said:

“I am thrilled to be taking on this role for GiveMeSport Women. I am extremely passionate about increasing coverage of women’s sport and so I am very excited to be leading a platform that is dedicated solely to female athletes.

“I believe GiveMeSport Women can become one of the leading platforms for women’s sport, especially with an editorial strategy that focuses on creating unique and engaging content. I am looking forward to working with a team of talented journalists in the coming months to make this ambition a reality.”

Charlie Carmichael, Snack Media’s Deputy Head of Content, has played a key role in working alongside Nancy to recruit the new team — which includes Georgia Goulding, co-founder of Her Football Hub, and Olly Roberts, the former social media manager of GiveMeSport Women — and is incredibly enthusiastic about finally relaunching.

“A lot of hard work has gone in behind the scenes to re-establish GiveMeSport Women,” he says. “I’m very confident that the new editorial strategy we’ve put in place can help us take the brand to new heights, reconnecting our existing audience while simultaneously appealing to a broader demographic.

“Women’s sport, specifically football, is one of the biggest growth areas in our industry, and while a handful of media outlets do a great job covering the big stories, we want to place ourselves at the vanguard of women’s sport content. We want GiveMeSport Women to be seen as the home of women’s sport.”

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