Snack Media’s Rob Hand on global graphics and the company’s best recent work

Snack Media’s Rob Hand on global graphics and the company’s best recent work

Rob Hand is Snack Media’s graphic designer, working in all aspects of the company. Whether it be graphics for Digital Sport events, client website design or marketing campaigns, he’s capable of doing it all, coming up with unique designs that stand out in a crowded market of colour and imagery. Despite the noise, Rob relentlessly delivers something worthy of a second look.

This contribution is vital for many reasons. Firstly, clients want their brand to be recognised when working with us, and the carefully considered implementation of branding is crucial to ensuring the marketing works effectively. The second thing we get from Rob’s designs is an ability to publish graphics we know will catch the attention of social media users and web browsers.

When selling a product, offer or event, these graphics are enjoyable to engage with, easy to read, and pack the right amount of information. It’s a big part of why Digital Sport has managed to sell upwards of 360 tickets across all their events in 2019 alone.

In a bid to teach us more about the world of graphic design and imagery to accompany good content, Rob has pulled together some stand out campaigns of late that he’s found particularly eye-catching, and ones he’ll undoubtedly take inspiration from…

KSI v Logan Paul 2

“The rematch for the KSI v Logan Paul fight has some really great branding around it. It makes sense that more budget has been spent on the design of the fight as it was taken over by Eddie Hearn’s promotion team ‘Matchroom Boxing'”, Rob explained.
“A comparison to last years which looks poor in my opinion…”


“It’s important to do a blog on this as it is still very fresh, and it was one of the biggest events in the digital/influencer industry yet.”

Rob himself felt inspired by what Eddie Hearn claimed was the “highest selling pay-per-view in the UK so far”, and designed some of his own graphics for the fight.

Rob’s logo for KSI was spotted by the man himself who decided to work with Snack Media’s man to get the brand used on all his merchandise ahead of the fight.


Rob is also impressed by FIFA’s branding for the new video game.

“Another example of modern design and keeping with the trends is the new FIFA 20 branding. It’s very urban and is targeting a younger aged target audience. Bright colors, abstract shapes, overall it’s very clean,” he said.

“Another great example of intriguing social media graphics comes from Manchester City, who are always posting great creative content across social. Here’s a good example…”


“Bleacher report makes some good creative content when it comes to important fixtures/milestones, These types of designs take a lot of time to produce, but it’s high quality and gets good engagement”



Examples of work Rob has done for Snack Media

28/11/2019 – Digital Sport event
Date TBC – Digital Sport event
Snack Media Rugby Network

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