How the Snack Media Ad Network helps publishers overcome the same challenges that every business face

How the Snack Media Ad Network helps publishers overcome the same challenges that every business face

The Snack Media Ad Network monetises a variety of websites – from some of the biggest rights holders in the world, such as the, to the individually run sports site built up by fans. Despite the obvious difference between these types of sites, when deciding on the right route for monetising their content, there are many similarities between their needs. Once these sports fans turned publishers’ step back and consider their website as a business, just like our international rights holders do, they’ll see the fundamental issues they face are the same. And Snack Media can help across the board.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are the people with dreams or big ideas, who are great at perceiving gaps in the market and looking at the big picture. But there can be a need to recruit the relevant technical skills to complement their creativity. Isn’t this like the many sports organisations around the world who want to focus on developing their game instead of the worries of monetising websites? Or ardent sports fans that decide to create content around their passion? And although these publishers may want to concentrate their skills elsewhere, to benefit from a successful site they’ll need more technical competencies. That is where the Snack Media Ad network’s outsourced ad operations team can prove so beneficial – allowing organisations and site owners to be freer to express their creative flair and big ideas – just like the greatest entrepreneurs.

Streamlining business process is a fashionable and popular target for many companies in recent times. Improving operational efficiency saves time, improves communication and makes it easier to spot errors. Although traditionally working with many suppliers can improve the price you get, business experts now advise for you to reduce your supplier base for more financial visibility, an easier to manage set-up, and improved customer support. A recent Snack Media Ad Network survey said that ‘time’ was the biggest issue for publishers, so why amplify this problem by continuing to deal with a variety of vendors and agencies? Snack Media can provide the full array of units and services. One partner, one payment means that publishers can gain from many of the benefits modern and lean companies do by streamlining.

The bottom line is the most important aspect of any company. Therefore, cost cutting is always at the forefront of our large rights holders’ minds. As new publishers grow significant traffic and audiences and begin to believe that it can become a source of full-time income, that bottom line becomes increasingly important for them too. Snack Media continue to try and help by offering a competitively priced hosting solution and imagery rights deals for sites of all shapes and sizes. This brings publishers one step closer to a full-time site or have a significant impact on the digital costs for large sports organisations.

Now more than ever, businesses face uncertainty on what the future will bring. An absence of expertise and education on external influences means there is a demand for outsourced advice and consultancy. For many publishers, awareness of the advertising landscape can be left desired. Although seasonality makes it more predictable, site owners without experience in advertising can still lack valuable and relevant knowledge on industry trends. And this exists with our rights holders. Our international partners particularly benefit from working with Snack. With a dedicated sales team based in London selling direct to UK brands in agencies – we can provide expertise in UK traffic, and secure the best UK deals. That is why, the Snack Media Ad Network believe that acting as a digital consultation for network members is a vital service. Regular and influential industry updates fill the knowledge gaps, and regional expertise improve rights holders global performance.

In a world where technology is moving at an ever-increasing rate, businesses must run as fast as they can just to stay in the same place. That is why innovation is top of the list for many companies – in any industry. But, with technology rapidly developing all the time, how are publishers meant to keep up the pace? As a member of the Snack Media Ad Network, there is access to our innovative tech team. This includes progressive header bidding set up that continues to evolve and push boundaries, able to ingest into external DFPs for the largest sites or create bespoke ad set ups from scratch for smaller publishers. Plus, advice to stay ahead of the game with technological trends.

The point here is that the largest publishers and fan sites have their differences, but Snack Media has the scale, skills, and versatility to be able to cater for all. Publishers must consider what is on offer with an ad supplier beyond just its primary use of monetisation. Act like any business would when choosing a supplier or entering a new strategic partnership. Whether it is establishing itself as a blog inside the community of a sports team or a leading rights holder on the world stage, Snack Media has the tools to help them overcome the challenges all businesses face.

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Author: Tom Barwick, Community Executive at Snack Media (

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