Digital Sport London’s OTT event shows how content is now a democracy

Digital Sport London’s OTT event shows how content is now a democracy

This week, Snack Media attended Digital Sport London event hosted at Pinsent Masons and presented by Sportradar.

We love Digital Sport events, but this was one of the best yet – a packed auditorium listened to representatives from Yahoo Sport, Eleven Sports, Sportradar and Stream Time give their expertise on one of the most important topics in the sports industry: OTT.

Over the top streaming, both in terms of on-demand and live is becoming critical. The toothpaste is out of the tube and digital distribution is now how most people consume content: be that in sport or in other industries like music and TV.

But the success of on-demand content around sport – that is, not the live action – is showing how things are changing. At Snack Media we’ve been producing more podcasts, more videos, and more social media video clips than ever before. It’s why we’ve invested in Playmaker FC and Stream Football, two properties that prove how the industry is changing and how sports fans are consuming their content.

Digital Sport’s roundup of the essential takeaways from the night show some of the issues the space is facing as well as some of the solutions and best practices to get around them.

But let’s focus on some of the opportunities, too. 20 years ago none of this would have been possible and sport was something you watched live on linear TV. Now we can watch anywhere, find numerous camera angles and integrate stats and social media. We can also grab our sporting fix from podcasts and websites like never before, dipping in and out whenever we like.

The internet had made content a democracy: anyone can do it and the best will stand out, whether that’s in terms of live broadcasts or non-live content. And the rise of OTT levels the playing field even further.