Trusted client partnerships: The NFL

Trusted client partnerships: The NFL

2018/19 represents the sixth consecutive season of partnership between Snack Media and the NFL.

Our job?

To commercialise the audience on the official NFL site,, and their Mobile and Fantasy apps in the UK and Ireland via display and video advertising.

Originally tasked with the objective of monetizing UK traffic, Irish inventory has since been added to the mix as the  popularity of the sport increases this side of the pond. Our aim is to make the quality of the content and the brand stand out, two things that remain constant in an ever-changing digital advertising market. has premium, broadcast quality video content and a highly engaged UK fanbase consuming content throughout the year, making it an appealing proposition for brands.

The challenge surrounding the NFL in the UK is the perceived lack of knowledge around it. Whilst there is a large, avid fan base, across the more general public there is an awareness of the sport but maybe not the specific nuances and timings of it like there is with football. One of Snack Media’s key tasks is to map out the important dates, seasonality in traffic and audience statistics to show to buyers when the spikes in site consumption are across the year. This information is then used alongside stats around audience cross-over with the likes of rugby fans to show that this is an
affluent group across different age ranges that can be reached online.

What the NFL gains from working with Snack Media is a trusted partner whom they have worked with for over half a decade. Head of Digital Operations, Tom Jones, has been at the forefront of this project throughout, building up an in-depth knowledge of the client and forming a strong business relationship with an extremely professional partner. Both Snack Media and the NFL have shown their commitment and support to the partnership and subsequently continue to hit and exceed the targets they set out.

The reality is, American football is becoming more established in the UK year on year.

The evidence?

A sold-out Wembley or Twickenham Stadium up to four times a year and more than two million people in the UK and Ireland visiting the official NFL site. The more the sport grows, the higher the increase of traffic and investment. Increased interest could also see the introduction of more games in the UK, something that was highlighted when Shahid Khan, owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, attempted to make an offer to buy Wembley.

The NFL kicked off last night with the 2017/18 Super Bowl winners, the Philadelphia Eagles, beating the Atlanta Falcons 18-12.