Snack Insight: Inside the Role as Chief Editor of Football FanCast

Snack Insight: Inside the Role as Chief Editor of Football FanCast

From a bold, fresh website relaunch back in 2016 to hitting company records in 2018, Chief Editor of Football FanCast, James Jones, sat down to give our readers inside access into his role at Snack Media and his proudest accomplishments.

James’ day-to-day role involves regularly keeping track of the website’s performance on Google Analytics, analysing what’s trending, ensuring all areas of the site are being run smoothly, from editorial to social media, and planning the website’s content ahead of time across multiple platforms. Thanks to the help of recent training and workshops, his team of writers are trusted to source the vast majority of their own content on a daily basis and although he occasionally gives guidance on certain angles he wants them to cover, he credits a lot of the website’s success to them.

England’s continued success at the World Cup has become an obvious article topic. However, whether their winning run continues or not, the competition is an added bonus for the Football FanCast team, who can collectively produce over 100 articles a day spanning a wide range of talking points. Football FanCast does an excellent job of tying in the World Cup with the transfer window, too.

They do this by keeping one eye on major transfer stories and identifying how they relate to World Cup news, whether that involves star performers being linked with a move or current Premier League players impressing on the international stage. Once the tournament winds down, the website will continue to focus on the start of the new Premier League and Football League season.

Since the website’s fans thrive on transfer news, the summer months of June, July, and August are obviously the busiest, and Football FanCast has risen to this challenge by breaking record numbers already this summer. In June, they accumulated roughly 3.1 million page views within their UK traffic and 6.8 million page views globally – numbers they don’t normally expect to see until July and August.

Running on the adrenaline of their recent success, Football FanCast has also scored a recent partnership with The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA). When asked about pairing with such a well-known organisation and the subsequent effect it has had on the website, James responded that the relationship has added a lot of credibility to the company and opened many new doors for Snack Media. He added that the PFA is a very senior partner to be involved with and the fact that they have selected Snack Media is a true testament to the quality of work that everyone in the company delivers.

Reflecting on his time with Snack Media, James credits his biggest achievement as the Football FanCast relaunch, which took place back in 2016. He saw a need for change upon taking on the role and was in charge of pitching the rebrand to the company’s founder. Thanks to his guidance and vision, Football FanCast gained an entirely new voice. They moved away from ‘click bait’ and focused more on the football analysis and opinion that today’s football audience is looking for.

By doing so, they were able to break multiple company records very quickly. James explains: “The success of that rebrand and what has come from it since, such as visually compelling infographics, high-quality and thought-provoking editorial, and engaging video content, has allowed us to gain those big numbers from what is fast becoming a loyal readership – that for me is one of my biggest achievements. We’re very quickly transforming in to a website people actively choose to visit daily, rather than one they just stumble upon in their quest for transfer updates.”

Led by a content genius such as James Jones and with the help of his talented team, Football FanCast is without a doubt one of the leading sources on insight, opinion and analysis of the world’s most popular sport.