Britain’s only Saving Grace Withdraws from Wimbledon

Britain’s only Saving Grace Withdraws from Wimbledon

Four days ago, Andy Murray was discussing how ‘pumped’ he was for his return to the game he loved at this year’s Wimbledon Championship. But a dramatic turn of events took place on Sunday when the two-time champion announced his withdrawal from the tournament with a “heavy heart” on social media.

The 31-year-old has recently returned to the game after an 11-month sideline view of the court due to a hip injury and surgery. However, he recently announced that he and his team made the decision not to risk his fitness at this year’s event. He has not played a major since last summer, at Wimbledon. The Scot explained he was unsure that he would have a realistic chance of winning the title.

In a statement on Facebook, Murray said: “I’ve made significant progress in practice and matches over the last ten days, but after lengthy discussions with my team, we’ve decided that playing best of five set matches might be a bit too soon in the recovery process. We did everything we could to try to be ready in time.” It’s interesting to note how quickly the news spread. A digital run society calls for social media to take over in relaying the announcement to the world. His Facebook post received 58,000 likes and over 7,500 comments in just two days.

Listed as one of the best players Britain has seen to date, tennis fans are bewildered yet supportive of his decision and went to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

Along with his Facebook post, Murray also posted a selfie on Instagram responding to the messages of support. Among the sad news, he still seems to have his sense of humour. While many British fans are upset that their only saving grace stands no chance at a title this year, they still fully show their support and have wished him the best of luck in recovery on all forms of social media.

Although there is always an overwhelming amount of support for Murray, there were still a few who cracked jokes as to the real reason he decided against playing in the tournament. Fans got creative this season by relating it back to England’s recent advancement in the World Cup.

Both humorous and supportive, Britain appears to stand behind their number one tennis hope, Andy Murray and his decision to forgo Wimbledon this year. It might be partly down to the fact that they have another sporting event to worry about at the moment…