Why Snack Media celebrates football content creators

Why Snack Media celebrates football content creators

With 11 categories, 21 awards, 2,000 nominees and 200,000 votes cast for the Fans’ Awards the Football Blogging Awards was a resounding success. Streamed by over 100,000 people via the digital channels of Sky Sports and the FBAs accounts, it was fitting that this ceremony was a digital spectacle.

The numbers are huge because the talent is huge. Arsenal Fan TV’s Robbie Lyle took home the ultimate prize of Best Overall Content Creator. Other recognisable names like the F2 Freestylers, Spencer FC and Amy Christophers took home prizes on the night.

But that makes it easy to forget why the FBAs matter.

It’s not about hitting big numbers, it’s about celebrating football content creators who give their time and effort to cover the game from the fans’ perspective. They entertain, inform, and in some cases they provide platforms to those fans who want to share their opinions but don’t have the means of doing it.

That’s what makes the FBAs so special.

On TalkSport last week before the event took place, Snack Media MD, Niall Coen, reflected on that very topic.

“For the guys who are going up for these awards, it’s very much deserved. A lot of them don’t do it for a lot of money – it’s a foot in the door of quite a hard industry to break through. We think that it’s important to recognise these content creators who are anything from one man band writers to podcasters… all the way through to bigger, more professional content producers who produce documentaries.”

If the social media accounts of the past winners of the FBAs were aggregated together, they’d be the seventh biggest football club in the world on digital media.

That following only is only possible because the content they create is so popular.

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