Why it’s important to track all online content

Why it’s important to track all online content

To make sure your digital media is performing at its peak level, tracking and listening to what viewers are saying is paramount. Just as important as the actual content being posted is how your followers engage with it and share this with their circles.

Analysing the feedback generated from content allows companies to tap into the thoughts of their audience. This data is vital in order to tailor the information being put out to the audience to make it relevant to their interests and needs and encourage them to attract other people to engage with the media. It can also be used to figure out what content is not working and adapt it to fit what consumers want and improve the overall interaction with the social media, website, or blog.

Content analytics can help sites better to allocate their time rather than just constantly posting with the hope that something garners attention and engagement. Different platforms appeal to different people and work better with some types of media than others. If a certain social media site is doing worse than others, more time can be dedicated to tap into the source and improve engagement or it can be cut loose so more time and money can spend on those sites that are bringing in significant value.

Sports content which gains significant coverage often includes a graphic. One area which has seen substantial growth over the last year is videos. Whether this is through live coverage, review videos, compilations or in the form of GIFs, Video is the way to go on certain platforms but has less of an effect on others. For this reason, it’s important to monitor your audience to determine the best platform for your content to be posted on.

No company wants negative buzz around an article or social media posting and tracking can help prevent this or at least stop it before it escalates to going viral and hurting the business. This is a common occurrence on Twitter as a minor bad customer experience gets posted and snowballs into a full-blown scandal because the company did not catch it in time to do damage control.

If time and money are being used to create content then it is important to make sure that it is creating a return on investment which can be done by tracking how it is performing and adapting future content to surpass what came before it.