Snack Summary: How the This Girl Can movement reframes the image of women in sport

Snack Summary: How the This Girl Can movement reframes the image of women in sport

In the weeks leading up to International Women’s Day 2018, women were dominating the sporting field, and the This Girl Can movement wants to keep up that headway and encourage more girls to get involved with sports. Female athletes are finally starting to become household names and this has the opportunity to remind people that sport is for everyone and it is incredibly important to keep girls participating in athletics no matter if it is at a beginner level, or advanced. It is all about staying active.

As increasing numbers of people join social media, there are many ways to diversify and improve sports digital media to boost your engagement with followers. This is how the social media giants get to where they are and how they hold on to their followers. Sticking to the script, getting the most out of hashtags and using competitions can increase engagement with fans and their impressions, keeping them coming back to your social media to take advantage of new content.


Nike is reconnecting with their customer base, creating campaigns championing equality and love of sports. The campaign Nothing Beats A Londoner, makes viewers realise how connected the world of the sport really is and unites Londoners and Brits all around the country with a sense of pride in their home. Reaching for influencers around the globe, Nike’s campaigns promote equality with a new ad campaign showing sporting stars amplifying their voices to bring positive values with the idea that if it starts in sports, it can spread everywhere.

Capturing the attention of football fans on social media presents quite the challenge as fans want authentic content but their wants must also be balanced with what brand sponsors demand. To find the balance, marketers need to create immersive content and experiences that does not violate the sanctity of the sport but makes engagement fun and gets people wanting to share the experience and content with friends. This approach works to grow customer base while capturing increased numbers of people who are not only consumers but fans of the brand.

The football-streaming world is about to be shaken up as Amazon partners with Spain’s La Liga to create a one-of-a-kind documentary series on the league. The docuseries called Six Dreams will let viewers follow players, coaches and club officials from various teams as they play through a season. It will let fans be immersed in the inner workings of the Spanish football season with a wider lens than other club documentaries have had. This will add a number of thrills to the series that are not possible when looking at the season through the eyes of just one club.