Nike’s powerful movements showing equality and passion throughout the world of sport

Nike’s powerful movements showing equality and passion throughout the world of sport

Nike’s new campaign Nothing Beats A Londoner, makes viewers realise how connected the world of the sport really is. Whilst Nike usually uses professional athletes as a source of inspiration for their sports content and products, this advert goes down into the back streets of London using the real kids of the capital. The three-minute clip promotes a variety of sport throughout the city, showing competitiveness and dedication. Up until now, Nike has been made guilty of going too mass-market with their advertising campaigns.  This has led to a major decline in viewers and purchases as the public feels they have lost touch with them and how sport plays a role in their everyday lives. 

By showcasing this, the ad brings a real sense of pride and reality to Londoners and Brits around the country. With London already being a city subject to criticism relating to poverty, crime and homelessness – the ad shines a light on the positive aspects of the city and its determined communities around the capital. Using the streets of Peckham to help film this ad, it helps the audience connect back to being a Londoner and also shows a real insight into the sports hidden in the capital.

With Nike’s powerful campaigns reaching influencers around the globe, not only does it show a sight in sport, but also promotes equality throughout.

Equality is a strong topic used throughout the world of sports digital media. With Nike’s new equality campaign encouraging people to take on respect and fairness throughout the game, whether that be on the pitch, court or other sporting venues, the ad centres on Nike’s voice and power of sport to help inspire people to take more action in their communities.

Nike reflects it’s values by championing new partnership connections with mentors such as The National Mentoring Partnership, and PeacePlayer International to help show recognition through uniting divided communities.

With Nike’s newly released ad campaign showcasing equality, showing the likes of LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant and many more sporting stars, it shows them amplifying their voices in a strong effort to show an uplift in bringing positive values into the world of sport. With the ad being narrated by famous actor Michael B. Jordan reading a strong and powerful poem ending with “if we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere”, it leaves off a note to the audience watching the campaign that sport is surrounded by equality and that everyone participating in a team of sport should feel equally connected to the game.