Giving your sports digital media efforts a boost

Giving your sports digital media efforts a boost

There are many ways to diversify your sports digital media to engage with your followers. As social media platforms continue to become more and more common with the public, the social teams of your favourite clubs have to find ways to effectively create fresh content. The best accounts on the various social media giants do this constantly.

  • Stick to the script

While many sports content creators may take a large amount of time to craft the perfect tweet, it’s the simpler posts that can do the job just as well. The Atlanta Hawks are constantly praised as one of the best social accounts in the NBA due to their creativity with Twitter. While they could have spent a large amount of time in Photoshop creating a fancy graphic, the social team of the Hawks kept it simple.

Prior to their game against the Los Angeles Lakers last Monday, the Hawks’ social team created a thread on their page to call out Laker fans that travelled to Atlanta. Of course, the Lakers have one of if not the most cherished histories in the NBA. However, the franchise has been in somewhat of a flat period since their last playoff appearance in 2013. This period of poor play is almost unheard of for the Lakers and has led fans to struggle with finding their new favourite player.

The Hawks took full advantage of the Lakers’ recent struggles and with the thread posted pictures of fans wearing jerseys of players from the past. In the thread, the Hawks posted nine pictures that in total received 40,100 likes and 12,634 re-tweets. The idea of the thread was so simple but had a massive success on not only Twitter but the entire internet.

  • Create a Hashtag for your team/event

As technology on social media continues to be enhanced, brands have even more of an opportunity to engage their followers with their content. Across the four major American sports, nearly every club has their own hashtag that they use in nearly every Twitter post. The team hashtag allows clubs to filter and give fans easy access to their content. The hashtag becomes synonymous with the team for the entire season. It’s another very easy tool for content creators and is a great add-on in Twitter.

  • Competitions

Followers enjoy nothing more than seeing what’s in it for them with a social post. While many accounts stay away from the “like/rt this for a follow” post, I believe that it’s an effective way for people to see your content. However, many people believe that is one of the unspoken rules of using social accounts professionally. Thus, a more effective way to gain an increase in your content engagement is by creating a competition centred around a post. This is another simple and easy method to increase your content engagement.