Snack Summary – Nike releases ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ ad campaign

Snack Summary – Nike releases ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ ad campaign

Last week Nike released their new advertising campaign produced by Wieden & Kennedy. Within hours of its release, the film topped YouTube’s trending chart and was covered by national newspapers and tweeted by London mayor Sadiq Khan. As of Friday 16th, it has racked up more than 2.9m views on YouTube.  The company felt like it had recently lost touch with the London Youth. As a result, Nike and Wieden & Kennedy created an engaging campaign which is based on true insights from talking to young people in London.

Fans of sports across the globe have certain tastes and preferences. Whether it’s the English Premier League, NFL, or the NBA, each league has a very strong understanding of what appeals to their fans. Each organisation has recognised the qualities of their supporters and what leads to these engaging with content. One thing is for sure professional sports league like the NBA who promote player and club use of social media not only increases fan followership but has also seen league awareness grow globally.

Digital Sport discussed Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at the Publicis Media offices in London for their February event. With a panel made up of James Venn, Global Project Director of Publicis Sport, Marco Delvai, Director of Content Partnerships at Jaunt VR and Jon Ford Head of Digital Content at Tottenham Hotspur. A few main points were explored with finding of;

  1. Technology is finally catching up to the idea of VR and is having to work to ensure that coverage is polished and exactly what the audience expects.
  2. VR needs to grow up – If VR is to persuade the public that it’s worth their investment in the technology, it has to grow up and find its niche.
  3. Is personal training the best application of VR? – The ability to get people active by simulating or gamifying the experience could be the best chance for VR to thrive.

This week saw the Champions League resume play on Feb. 13, leading to exposure for the league’s main sponsors to resurface. As well as the competitions main sponsors, the top 16 teams in Europe club sponsors see substantial growth in viewing figures and traffic over this period. One “major face” that made it to the knockout stage for only the third time in club history is Tottenham Hotspur. AIA, Tottenham’s sponsor will receive some long-awaited exposure to the rest of Europe. The Asian insurance group will certainly be pleased that it will be receiving such a large amount of exposure throughout the next stage of the tournament.

With the expansion of the internet, there are thousands of blogs on every conceivable subject and this breadth is especially wide in the realm of sports. Individuals who create sports content are now looking to diversify their offering. Often high-profile blogs partner with sports publishers like Snack Media to increase traffic, revenue and produce content which is attractive. One way to achieve this is through fan engagement tools like quizzes, tickers and polls. 

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