Snack Summary: Juventus, Alexis and the Football Blogging Awards

Snack Summary: Juventus, Alexis and the Football Blogging Awards

Juventus take fans behind the scenes with Netflix

Fans of football clubs across Europe are always eager to see the stories behind the scenes. Supporters know that there is so much more to a player’s story than simply how he performs during the match. In the past year, we have seen some of the continent’s largest clubs give their fans that peek-behind-the-curtain access. Spanish giants Real Madrid have a series with two of their main sponsors, GoPro and Facebook. Premier League leaders Manchester City partnered with Amazon Prime.

However, this is the deal that could really move this whole behind the scenes movement into a higher gear. Italian superclub Juventus have joined forces with Netflix to create their own behind the scenes experience. The importance of this deal is that Juve is hoping that it will make itself more than a storied football club. It will become its own entertainment experience. The show premieres next month.


Music maestro Alexis stars in announcement video

This month’s transfer window has certainly had its fair share of excitement, with one of the biggest deals being the swap that sent Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United.

United fans were treated to a different type of announcement when they found out about Sanchez. The Red Devils took advantage of Sanchez’s piano talents and had him play “O Glory to Man United” in a social video announcement. Sanchez walked out onto the Old Trafford pitch with his new shirt, sporting No. 7. Even if you aren’t a United fan, the video simply gives you chills as Alexis takes in Old Trafford for the first time.

The response on the video was fantastic. It received over 7 million views on Twitter and 11 million on Facebook. Other clubs across Europe even decided to create their own “announcements” in a similar vein.



Sn&ck Media voted in for Football Blogging Awards strategic partnership

Finally, Snack Media has been announced as the main strategic partner for the 2018 Football Blogging Awards. The main role that the company will focus on is to develop and monetise the Awards to recognise the best content creators in football.

Snack Media CEO and Co-Founder Niall Coen said, “This is another exciting opportunity for SN&CK Media, following a fantastic year of growth in 2017, where we acquired four businesses [Snack Gaming, DigitalSport, DigitalSport Recruitment and a major publishing network to be announced soon]. The FBA’s are considered the major awards event within our industry of sports publishing, so when we were approached to partner with them and, specifically, to bring our expertise, then we agreed almost without hesitation.

“We’re looking forward to a really exciting ceremony this year, especially as we know the level of competition is so high at the moment. Expect some big Awards to be presented.”


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