Snack Summary: EA Sports uses social media to select its Team of the Year

Snack Summary: EA Sports uses social media to select its Team of the Year

Stars announce FIFA 18 Team of the Year

EA Sports’ most popular video game title, FIFA, launched its annual Team of the Year on Monday. The Team of the Year is one of the most anticipated events in the gaming calendar due to the popularity of the updated player “cards” that are released. Every player that is in the XI for the “TOTY” receives a massive upgrade to their basic card. This release is one of EA Sports’ largest fan engagement tools. Typically, EA Sports decides the entire squad based on the actual FIFA Team of the Year. However, the gaming company decided to give power to its players this year.

Gamers everywhere were able to submit their own XI based on a list of 55 candidates by using the #TOTYVote hashtag on any social media platform. Some special individuals (football players, YouTube stars, celebrities) were given a package that contained magnets of all the candidates for this team of the year.

How will women’s tennis fare without the Williams sister?

In tennis, we saw American star Venus Williams suffer a surprising first round exit in the Australian Open. With Venus out of the tournament, the women’s draw enters a realm that it hasn’t had to deal with since the late 1990’s. This is the period of women’s tennis when the two sisters entered the sporting world, and ultimately changed tennis forever.

Ligue 1 sponsor creates player name correction app

Over in France, Ligue 1 sponsor Conforoma have created an app to help fans with their errors on social media. The main purpose of the app is that when downloaded, it will automatically fix players’ names that your smartphone may automatically correct. For example, the app will be able to recognise the “correction” of Cabonon to Cavani, Faucon to Falcao and other common mistakes. In addition to correcting player names, the app is able to make your smartphone understand football terms like “hat trick”. The app is available for both Android and iOS products.


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