Snack Summary-Digital Sport talk about US Sports and YouTube launches Reels

Snack Summary-Digital Sport talk about US Sports and YouTube launches Reels

Last Week’s Digital Sport London event taught us a few things about US Sport. On the panel – moderated by Alex Trickett, former Global Sports Chair at Twitter – was Brianne Ehrenkrantz, Senior Director of Marketing, EMEA at NBA; Sarah Swanson, Head of Marketing, NFL UK; and James Elliott, Founder of Room9 and former SVP and General Manager of UFC EMEA.

One of the most important points brought up was – Fans didn’t grow up playing US sports. This presents a significant barrier when trying to get a new audience to watch these, due to the lack of opportunity to play the likes of baseball or American football in this country. Secondly, throughout there was a sense of understanding how important Gaming, Esports and the millennial audience can be. Not only do the games teach individuals the rules but they often lead to fans of the game becoming supporters of teams in real life. This is where social influencers are having an effect – due to their genuine connection to the younger generation these individuals are helping grow US sports in the UK.

The 2017 ATP World Tour came to an end last week with many stand out performances taking place. It’s an undeniable statement that the 2017 ATP World Tour was Rafael Nadal’s year. Coming back from a series of injuries Nadal managed to return in fine form winning two out of four Grand Slams.  The tour has seen many changes this year both for the players and supporters. With the introduction of the new rules in the NextGen ATP and streaming services like Twitter and Amazon providing fans with a platform to watch content on the go, live, making the footage more assessable than ever. One thing for sure the competitive spirit between the big four (Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic) is going strong and the 2018 season looks to be one which should not be missed.

Each designer has their own techniques, thoughts and opinions on how to best keep your work attractive. At Snack Media our main aim is to create audience engagement with sports fans all around the world. To reach our goals we constantly look at the design and evaluate how we can creatively diversify ourselves from other sports digital agencies in the market and online in general. Our top three tips include staying fresh and adopting a new set of eyes on your work so you stay current. Finding inspiration – there’s an unbelievable amount content online. Research and take encouragement from others work but do not copy! Lastly, make sure you are versatile. Its all well and good being able to use Photoshop but if you can’t use any other design program then you are limiting yourself and potential.

YouTube is launching Reels their own version of stories but unlike their competitors, they will not disappear after 24 hours – they are permanent. The format has been extremely popular with the millennial generation. YouTube explained the idea behind Reels, is to introduce a new format that allows creators to “express themselves and engage fans without having to post a full video.” As such, these videos which can last up to 30 seconds are ways in which creators can interact with fans through quick mobile videos. Users will be able to add filters, music, text and even stickers on their reels making them stand out to their audience.