How having a podcast can help your business grow

How having a podcast can help your business grow

Business owners constantly look for new ways to grow their organisations. The sports industry is one of the most saturated markets, therefore its important you diversify to stand out from the competition. One of the most successful but rarely used ways is to podcasts.

When setting this up it’s important that you determine the purpose. Are you trying to build awareness to your business, reach a new demographic, connect with new corporations or build on your company’s position in the market? Once the purpose is set out you can go ahead and produce content which is attractive to your target audience.

Reaching a new audience

Podcasting can help you reach a new audience – leading to new potential customers and contacts. Through the ease of access to listening to this technology, many listeners develop a greater understanding of your business, product and your aims.

One of the main benefits is increased website traffic. In many cases, after it develops and builds a following traffic could almost double. Once you have attracted listeners you want to retain these. One of the main ways to succeed in this is through making a clear schedule of episodes so your listeners know when the next segment will be.

Brand Awareness

As marketing tools go podcasts are one of the best ways to build brand awareness and audience engagement amongst target customers. As your following becomes familiarised with your content and company name, you can integrate information about new campaigns, products or services. To build awareness use your social media channels. Posting updates will attract your current audience to listen, any engagement on this post will then help your potential reach grow. If you are interviewing any influencers or businesses connections make sure to tag them in the post. The more your podcast gets shared the higher your potential listening figures are. Not only does this mean your traffic will rise, but so will your connections.

Build Trust

Trust, an important element for any business to withhold. If your organisation doesn’t have this you will find it difficult to convert listeners into loyal consumers, business connections or even subscribers.

Podcasts allow your followers to build an image for your company. By using an audio series, it helps you build trust between you and your audience, therefore you’re more likely to increase interaction. Podcasts are often said to be a one-sided medium but they have a way of building relationships like none other, after all, listing to hours of someone speaking, you start to feel like you know them in the real life.

These audio files are a direct source for learning. You have instant access to listen to the thoughts of these influencers and could even ask them questions – whether this is on social media or the comment section attached to the published media.  They are a great form of conversation starters and not only do they let your listeners learn but the speakers themselves can discover new strategies or skills from follower’s comments and conversations.